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Add value and enhance your current product line or next event by offering a truly revolutionary and amazingly effectively product! The PRO TOUR CARDTM offers unlimited Promotional, Marketing and Income potential with it's COMPLETE CUSTOM OPTIONS and WHOLESALE PRICING.

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"The PROTOUR CARDTM ingenious design proves that golf training aids don't have to be expensive to be effective."


The PRO TOUR CARDTM was invented by a professional golfer and instructor and is absolutely one of the most effective golf teaching tools available.

The innovative design offers more than a dozen game improving DRILLS that allow you to easily help your students improve every area of their game while giving them an understanding of the key elements and fundamentals necessary to play their best golf.
The PRO TOUR CARDTM is incredibly effective, easy to use, affordable and convenient to carry in your golf bag, pocket or almost anywhere and is ready to use whenever you have a lesson. In fact, there is no reason you should not use the PRO TOUR CARDTM to quickly develop and improve your student’s skills while enhancing and increasing your Pro Shop sales.
“By offering the most effective, affordable and versatile golf practice and training aid ever developed, we are able to help more golfers easily understand the golf swing and play better golf”. Joseph Bauer, Inventor of the PRO TOUR CARDTM & co-owner of GO LOW GOLF IncTM.

Using the PRO TOUR CARD to tee off.

Though the PRO TOUR CARDTM is new, it has immediately earned praises from PGA members and golfers alike.


Wholesale and tournament pricing is available when purchasing quantities over 25. Orders must be placed in 5-unit increments. Order 100 or more and have the Pro Tour CardTM customized to include your company name or logo on the wallet and/or DVD case.

Each Pro Tour CardTM comes with the instructional DVD for all drills, a wallet sleeve, a fold-out pocket instruction guide for on-course correction and a non-slip pad for indoor practice.

Plus, if you open an account, you can take advantage of additional benefits:

Please contact us for pricing and customization opportunities.

GO LOW GOLF, Inc.TM would like to extend credit in the form of a net term option to qualifying account holders. To take advantage of this offer, please fill out and return the Wholesale Credit Application found on our website. Our net 30/5/10 option allows you to receive an additional 5% off your order when payment is received within 10 days of your order.