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The PRO TOUR CARDTM…”the best tournament gift ever!”

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The challenge for anyone putting on a tournament is to find quality and unique golf products to offer the participants, sponsors and volunteers among others.

The PRO TOUR CARDTM serves multiple purposes in providing both the most unique and useful item of it’s kind for the millions of golfers who want to improve as well as helping the tournament sponsor looking for that perfect golf tournament gift or product to display their logo. The PRO TOUR CARDTM will help your players prepare for the event, and help your sponsors and your tournament when it is used and seen again and again well after your event is over.

In addition to offering the most amazingly effective and truly unique golf training aid and tournament gift, the PRO TOUR CARDTM gives you almost unlimited COMPLETE CUSTOM OPTIONS for your next tournament or event. These options include the addition of your own custom colors, text, name and logo allowing you to completely customize your PRO TOUR CARDTM WALLET and DVD CASE!

What’s important

Those of you who organize, support, sponsor, and play in these events help countless worthy causes around the USA each year with the funds you raise from golf guests as well as sponsors. Thank you for your good will and the great reputation this imparts to the game of golf.

GO LOW GOLF, IncTM knows how important a successful event is to you and the worthy causes you support. We are here to help. If we may be of further assistance, please contact us.



The PRO TOUR CARDTM is the only golf training/practice aid in the world that combines amazing game improving results with COMPLETE CUSTOM OPTIONS and affordability. These unique qualities make the PRO TOUR CARDTM one of the most valuable and versatile products ever developed in the golf industry!

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