Professional Golf Instruction


GO LOW GOLF, Inc.TM was developed in 2007 by Joseph Bauer, a professional golfer, instructor and inventor of the PRO TOUR CARDTM, to offer the highest level of complete golf instruction and player development available. By combining years of teaching experience and proven, tour level playing ability, he has developed a one of a kind teaching philosophy with amazing results while giving golfers a full understanding of their golf swing and the many aspects of the game of golf both physical and mental.

GO LOW GOLF, Inc.TM also allows golfers the unique opportunity to play a round of golf with a professional golfer while receiving the highest level of hands on instruction.


While most club pros are very good at what they do, it’s what that is required of them on a daily basis that seriously limits the amount of time available to teach golf. Most club pros are in charge of the daily operations of their facility such as inventory, payroll, cart staff, tournament operations, food and beverage, and so on. The PGA of America is now requiring their professionals to become business men/accountants/managers and then golf professionals, leaving little time to work on their own game and practice what they are teaching. Look at it this way; most professional sports teams hire coaches and managers that have actually played their respective sport on a professional level. Why would you ask anything less from a golf coach? I have spent several years developing, from my professional experience as a player and instructor, a superior teaching philosophy with proven results. So if you are picking up golf for the first time, an aspiring tour pro or somewhere in between, put your game in the hands of a true professional.


Initial assessment/ evaluation: (60 min.) $70

This may be the most important lesson you will ever have, and I consider it a very important first step towards reaching your goals.

In our first lesson (assessment/evaluation) you will share info on your game such as average score, problems with specific aspects of your game, lowest score shot, physical challenges and disabilities, ball flight, favorite club, least favorite club, and most importantly your short and long term goals for the future.

I have developed a list of important questions that I will ask so that I may have a complete understanding of you, your game and your goals. Another key part of our first visit will be to watch you hit shots on the range, as well as putts, chips etc, to analyze your swing and identify the problem areas that are keeping you from playing your best golf. The final portion of our lesson will be to outline a personalized approach to eliminate your swing flaws and reach your goals.

Club fitting: $80/ Putter fitting $50/ Both $100

Club fitting

(Shaft, Grip, club head, set make up, length, weight & more)

It is my experience that golfers under estimate the importance of properly fit golf clubs. The fact is that improperly fit clubs affect the quality and consistency of your ball striking as well as keep you from reaching your full potential. Every golfer no matter what skill level will benefit from a proper fit set of golf clubs. By maximizing distance, shot performance and adding confidence by knowing that their set was custom made for their swing.

Range lessons

1 hr range lesson$70$300$550
1 hr Short game lesson$70$300$550
1 hr putting lesson$70$300$55
Or call GO LOW GOLF, Inc.TM to customize your package.

As the name suggests, this lesson takes place on the practice/driving range. As you hit shots, I will evaluate your swing and work with you to make the swing changes necessary to reach your goals.

Playing Lessons*

9-hole lesson $150 or ($100 ea. 2or more)
18-hole lesson $250 or ($150 ea. 2or more)
* price includes range balls, green fee, cart fee and lunch

Over the course of 9-18 holes, this lesson allows me to provide hands on instruction in those unique situations that we find ourselves in during a round of golf but can’t or don’t practice on the range. I will also take you through the proper pre-shot routine, visualization, execution and acceptance of each shot during the round. I will evaluate your swing and game as a whole and expose weakness in your game in areas such as course management, club selection, bunkers, side hill lies, rough and so on. By having a complete understanding of your game, I will properly address the issues and set forth a personalized lesson /practice plan that will allow you to understand your swing, make the necessary changes and as a result, reach your goals in the shortest time possible. During the playing lesson, you will learn how to think like a pro.

Course management

Plays a huge role in scoring. I will explain how the best players in the world prepare mentally for each shot as well as manage their round to reduce mental errors. You will not only learn how to swing the golf club properly but equally as important, “play” the game of golf with insight into the mindset and thought process of the best players in the world.

Day of Golf


Let’s make a day of it! This exclusive package includes the following…

Call for price.