About Us

GO LOW GOLF, Inc.TM was founded in 2007 by Joseph Bauer, a professional golfer, instructor, and inventor of the PRO TOUR CARDTM, to offer the highest level of complete golf instruction and player development available to golfers of all ages and skill levels. Throughout his years as a professional golfer and instructor, Joseph noticed that golf training aids were bulky, overpriced, and simply unable to improve all areas of a golfer’s game. As a labor of love for the game of golf, and his passion for helping others improve; Joseph was determined to break the mold of traditional golf training aids. Hundreds of hours of research, development, and field-testing along with “outside the box thinking”, resulted in the most incredible, useful, and truly unique golf practice and training aid ever developed… the PRO TOUR CARDTM!

In 2008, Mr. Bauer formed a partnership with a Kansas City investor, Lisa Dusselier, and formed GO LOW GOLF, IncTM. The company soon began manufacturing and marketing the PRO TOUR CARDTM on a national level. The PRO TOUR CARDTM concept and design is exclusive to GO LOW GOLF, IncTM.

GO LOW GOLF, Inc.TM hopes that the amazing benefits of the PRO TOUR CARDTM along with our commitment to excellence, will allow us to provide golfers around the world with the most effective and helpful golf training aid available, at an affordable price.